Gypsy's Trattoria Italiana is also a Yelp favorite! We have four stars based on over 2010 reviews. Here are just a few things that people are saying about us:

"I love, love Gypsy's Chicken and Godfather's favorite." (in 24 reviews)

"their calzones are delicious and plumped as ever." (in 103 reviews)

"This place is not a full service restaurant. It's one of those places where you order at the counter, pay and then wait for your number to be called to pickup your food. They do serve the food on real plates and silverware. The food is amazing though. The price is extremely reasonable. We paid $25 for 2 plates of pastas and a pizza. Ok then, here's the low down on the food we had. This place is hands-down the best place to eat near the Berkeley Campus. "

"Their Calzones are amazing, and the Godfather's Favorite is to DIE FOR! + their salad, soda deal is good too. Definitely a place to try if you're visiting Berkeley! :)"

"Bomb place! I am glad I found this place on yelp. Fast service and nice people working. Kind of a fast food italian place. Nothing fancy. great prices and good food. Ordered: Frutti di Mare $7.45. chicken with pesto $6.99 ? The Frutti Di Mare-awesomely delicious-good amount of seafood (about 4 clams, some squid/octopus, coupel shrimps)-sauce was good not too sweet,sour or salty Chicken w/ Pesto-decent-pesto was a nice touch maybe a little creamy-portion was a little small"

"You can call me bias, you can call me a bear lover but I LOVE GYPSY!!! Although I graduated from CAL about 4 years ago, I always try my best to make a trip out to Berkeley, especially Gypsy to grab some pasta. My favorites are God Father's Fav, Pollo con Pesto and if you want something a little more healthier, the Chicken Salad with Caesar dressing. I miss all the yummy food around Berkeley. The portions size on everything is pretty good. I normally share with my bf when we order something different."

"Delicious chicken alfredo! All pasta dishes are truly scrumptious. Garlic bread (with actual garlic chunks) makes a great side. Convenient location and decent service."

"Gypsy's is reasonably priced, filling, yummy, and carbilicious - its sure to make your tummy feel warm and happy. I've left Gypsy's with a smile on my face every single time. Their calzones are huge and you can easily share (unless you're feeling greedy) and their servings are enough to feed two people or for two servings (lunch & dinner if you're low on $). My favorite is the Pollo Con Pesto. Yay pesto! I love how they serve their garlic bread with oven baked garlic pieces. Mmmm. The only thing that bothers me is the long line and crowded restaurant but waiting is never a huge problem. They try to get order ready as fast as they can! I know I will enjoy going to Gypsy's for tasty Italian food throughout my years in college!"

"I gotta say, this place is a great combination making this a solid 4+star place. First of all the value. The prices are great. $20 can feed two people very well. Second the quantity. They give you a lot of food for the few bucks you spend there. For instance, I got a Combo Calzone and spent under $7. According to their signs you can get a salad and soda added on to any plate for a total of $8.99. NOW THAT'S A DEAL!!!! Third and most importantly, is the quality. It was quite busy when I went so I waited a few minutes, but it was because you can see,every place is made to order, not because they were falling behind..... IT'S ALL FRESH!!! So the quality is amazing!! I will be going back to this place many more times, that's for sure."

"best italian you can get for the price and the portions are very filling. i usually dont try anything new but when i do im always satified."

"One of my favorite restaurants anywhere. Food tastes great. Prices are low. Portions are huge. The calzones look like footballs. That's all you need to know from me."

"This is some of the most delicious down-home Italian I have ever had. Seriously - what a delicious dive in the Berkeley Asian ghetto of all places. I had the pollo gorgonzola tortellini meal deal. I was so impressed with EVERYTHING - from the pasta/sauce - scrumdillyumptious, the garlic bread with roasted garlic smeared on it, and the generously portioned side salad. If you're a local, and you are looking for yumminess, you should go!"

"wish i could give 6 stars for their gnocchi and garlic bread. this is in the asian ghetto of berkeley, but the taste is second to none. i miss this place. I wish San Francisco had a place like Gypsy's! A friend brought me here after rock climbing, swearing that the combination of price and quality was unbeatable. We both had Gypsy's Chicken by his recommendation. Penne, cream sauce, mushroom, garlic and chicken. Amazing! The garlic bread was awesome, too - actual roasted garlic on bread. I'll be coming back to Gypsy's anytime I'm in Berkeley!"

"My favorite ITALIAN restaurant. For 7 bucks, you can't ask for anything better. Try the Gypsy's Chicken, I get it every time I go! The cal zones can't get any bigger. They put it in the pink Chinese bakery boxes just for to-go orders. I've been going there for a good 5 years. I've taken all my friends there and they all love it!!!"